Monday, October 19, 2009

Willow Court group makes good progress, but...

THE members of the recently-established Willow Court working party held a productive meeting this evening, well structured and kept in order by convener Graham McLean who even came equipped with a whistle to blow when I made too much noise on one occasion. It certainly stopped me in my tracks for a moment. The working party presented the outcomes of its first three meetings and provided a 24-page report at the end of the meeting. The group has made good progress in a short time, much more progress than the council has made in nine years. Its main recommendation is to proceed with security measures without delay. After a little encouragement, the council agreed to add this as a late agenda item at next week's council meeting.

My only misgiving, which I expressed to the meeting, is that the working party has decided to meet in private and seems content to keep doing so. This is contrary to the spirit in which the working party was established. Several members of the group defended this decision and none expressed a contrary view. One member wanted to know why I had not volunteered to join the group if I was so interested in its workings. Once he permitted me to answer, I told the meeting the same thing I've told the other people who have asked the same question: Quite simply, my presence on the working party would hinder its progress while the council remains under its present administration.

Curiously, the working group's meetings appear to have had several uninvited guests, with one member expressing frustration that there was no way to prevent the interlopers from attending. I wonder who they could be? And for once, it's not me :-)

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