Tuesday, April 2, 2013

February question

AT the council's February meeting I asked the following question without notice:

Mr Mayor, can the council write to the Molesworth Recreation Reserve Committee thanking them for their support during the local bushfire?
The mayor advised that a letter will be forwarded to the Molesworth Recreation Reserve Committee.

January questions

THESE are the questions without notice I asked at the January council meeting, and the answers received.
Mr Mayor, how many disputes involving this council were resolved by confidential agreements in 2012?
The mayor advised that he would take this on notice. At a subsequent meeting the general manager advised that the answer was "one". No further details were provided.
Mr Mayor, can future agendas include a "business arising" section to enable progress to be detailed from the previous month's agenda?
The general manager answered "yes".
Mr Mayor, can the council make representation to the State and Federal Governments for all Derwent Valley and Central Highlands properties affected by the current bushfires to receive the same support and entitlements as those being made available to the Sorell, Tasman and Glamorgan-Spring Bay municipalities?
The mayor answered "yes".
Mr Mayor, can the council investigate whether a name is required for the laneway running off Pioneer Avenue and along behind St Matthew's Church?
The general manager said this would be investigated. 
Mr Mayor, may councillors have an up-to-date list of staff and their responsibilities?
The general manager answered "yes".