Thursday, December 22, 2011

November questions

MINUTES of the council's November meeting have been posted on the council website after being ratified at the December meeting last week. Here are the topics I raised during questions without notice.

Mr Mayor: What is this Council’s policy regarding the removal of scrap material from the Peppermint Hill tip?
The Works Manager advised that when metal is disposed of at the tip it becomes council property and cannot be removed unless under an authorised contract.

Mr Mayor: Have expressions of interest or similar been sought for the removal of salvageable metal from the
Peppermint Hill tip?
The General Manager advised that council currently has an agreement with one person and that tip operations were going to be discussed at a council workshop.

Mr Mayor: What is the status of the contract for the removal of recyclable materials from the Peppermint Hill tip?
The General Manager advised that this is the issue that needs discussion, at a workshop, as the contract has technically expired.

Mr Mayor: Tonight’s meeting is the second anniversary of the council decision to conduct an analysis of the Royal Derwent Hospital Development Reserve financial report. This is not the first time I have reminded the council of this decision. Why have you as mayor failed to call the necessary meeting to conduct that review?
The Mayor advised that the Accountant had prepared the report but some people are no longer employed. The General Manager advised that he would talk to the Accountant. The Mayor advised that he had not called a meeting as it could be reviewed at the next monthly meeting.

Mr Mayor: It has been reported in the media that the latest fire at Royal Derwent Hospital will not be investigated because the owner has not made a complaint. Will you make the necessary complaint and have yesterday’s Ward 1 fire investigated?
The Mayor advised that he cannot make a complaint because it is not his property and is in independent ownership. He will talk to the owner and will contact the police sergeant.

Mr Mayor: Do you find it acceptable that a major fire in this town will not be investigated?
The Mayor advised that he did not think it acceptable.

Mr Mayor – It has been this council’s practice to debate and vote on the agenda of each LGAT meeting. Why was this practice not observed with respect to yesterday’s meeting?
The Mayor said that he made the decision not to have a Special Meeting of Council due to the timing of the certificate of election. The practice will continue where LGAT agendas will be brought before Council.

Mr Mayor – Do you believe there is a convict tunnel beneath New Norfolk?
The Mayor said he believed there may be a hole under the street and he would like to think there is a tunnel for the benefit of tourism.

Mr Mayor – What action have you taken to ensure a proper investigation of the supposed existence of a tunnel beneath New Norfolk?
The Mayor said he is investigating the existence of a tunnel through discussions with Mr Carlton Dixon.