Tuesday, February 21, 2012

January questions

MINUTES of the council's January meeting have been posted on the council website after being ratified at the February meeting last week. Here are the topics I raised during "questions without notice" at the end of the January meeting.

Mr Mayor, I was in the minority last year when this council rejected a proposal for a men’s shed and women’s shed to be established at the former business enterprise centre. At what meeting did this council subsequently decide it would support a community shed being established at the same location?
Answer: The mayor advised that he would have to check this.

Mr Mayor, I was once again in the minority last year when this council rejected a proposal to have aged pensioners living at the former business enterprise centre. Did I miss the council meeting where it was decided to have backpackers living there?
Answer: The mayor advised that there was no decision of Council and approval had been made by council staff.

Mr Mayor, why have you not seen fit to brief councillors on the accommodating of fruit pickers at the council’s education park?
Answer: The mayor advised that he had spoken to some growers about accommodation shortage. He did not consult with councillors as he saw it more relevant to provide the needed accommodation.

Mr Mayor, do you believe it is appropriate for this council to go into business in opposition to accommodation providers?
Answer: The mayor advised that the demand for the accommodation was greater than what was available.

Mr Mayor, at last month’s meeting I requested an update of the Willow Court financials. This was done within days and I received my copy in the first mail after Christmas. Would you please thank the accountant for his prompt attention to this matter?
Answer: The mayor thanked the accountant Mr Bradley for his promptness.

Mr Mayor, will you provide an update on your search for a tunnel beneath Burnett St?
Answer: The mayor provided Councillors with an update on his research into the tunnels.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February council meeting

THE Bushy Park War Memorial Swimming Pool Hall will be the venue for the February council meeting this Thursday (February 16). The evening will start with a community forum at 5.45pm, prior to the formal meeting at 6.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This year the council will increase the number of meetings it holds outside New Norfolk. At the first meeting after last year's election, councillors endorsed my proposal that the council hold an extra "country" meeting each year, in order to visit Granton, Molesworth Lachlan, Bushy Park, Westerway and Maydena at least once in every two-year council term. Previously it took three years to complete the cycle.

Ordinary council meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month unless noted otherwise. Meetings are generally held at the Court House, Circle St, New Norfolk, at 6.30pm. Special meetings are held as required. All meetings must be advertised in a daily newspaper and the public is invited to attend in most circumstances. Agendas and minutes are available online and at the council office.

This is the roster for the rest of this year:

February 16: Bushy Park, with community forum at 5.45pm
March 15: New Norfolk
April 19: New Norfolk
May 17: Westerway, with community forum at 5.45pm
June 21: New Norfolk
July 19: New Norfolk
August 16: New Norfolk
September 20: New Norfolk
October 18: Granton, with community forum at 5.45pm
November 15: New Norfok
December 20: New Norfolk

December questions

THESE are the topics I raised as "Questions Without Notice" at the December council meeting. Sorry about the delay in posting them here. The complete minutes of that meeting can be read on the council website here.

Mr Mayor: Can you provide an update on the search for information about the tunnel beneath Burnett St?
The Mayor advised that he had requested council meeting minutes from the Tasmanian archives.

Mr Mayor: Will you request an update of the Royal Derwent Hospital Reserve financial report to the end of the 2011 calendar year?
The Mayor advised that he would.

Mr Mayor: Does this Council provide an award at Claremont College's annual presentations?
The Mayor advised that Council does not provide an award to Claremont College but said it was something to be considered.