Thursday, October 1, 2009

A short thank-you note

A QUICK post to acknowledge the messages of goodwill received since announcing my candidature for the Derwent Valley Council, in particular the offers of places for posters to be erected. I've long been of the opinion that election billboards are a blot on the landscape, so I will gratefully decline those offers. However, I have been told about a small poster seen in the window of a gold coloured Rover. Who could that be?


  1. I am more than happy to give anyone who would like to have one, a copy of the "Vote 1 Damian Bester for Councillor" non-sticky label. You'll need your own stickytape tho as the budget doesn't run to major printing costs *grin!
    Ngaire Glover

  2. May I suggest that Damien put up a sign alerting the general community to his intention to run for council - the other candidates all have so you may as well join in. More than happy to put one in my front yard.