Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Third newspaper ad

THE Lyell Highway and Bridgewater Bridge have been big topics for many years now. The council has dropped the ball on the issue of a four-lane highway to Granton and gave its support to the recent (pointless) effort on the highway. When I asked about this, the council it admitted it had not asked about overtaking lanes until the roadworks had started. Not everyone agrees with the need for a dual highway, but at the very least we must resume the fight for more overtaking lanes.

Meanwhile we are back where we started on the Bridgewater Bridge, despite the Federal Government once allocating more than  $100 million for a new bridge. We must renew our efforts with vigor, to make sure we get the tallest bridge possible. The council has not been loud enough on this topic, and the bridge remains broken. Instead of suing the Federal Government over the council's own mistakes, it should pursue a co-operative approach for everyone's benefit.

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