Monday, October 12, 2009

Election brochure bingo

ELECTION brochures are starting to land in local letterboxes, and many Derwent Valley residents will receive mine over the next few days. I decided not to litter the landscape with election posters, but I've put a bit of effort into producing a brochure which I hope will provide voters with a clear picture of what I'm standing for.

For a bit of fun, I'm going to play "election brochure bingo", and I'll list each candidate's brochure here as they arrive at my home in New Norfolk. I've got several already, and I notice one of the mayoral candidates has issued his second flyer today. The Electoral Act prohibits me from naming candidates here without their permission, so I'll invent a nom-de-plume for each one.

Received so far are brochures from:
  1. The Journalist (me :-)
  2. The Real Estate Agent/Reiki Master (x2)
  3. The Farmer/Public Servant/Quarry Owner
  4. The Firefighter/Electrician/Court Attendant
  5. The Drycleaner/Fisherman
  6. The Buckmeister
  7. The Health Inspector
  8. The Friend of David Bartlett
  9. The Canadian
  10. The Former Councillor
  11. The Engine Driver
If anyone receives brochures from all nine councillor candidates, three deputy mayoral candidates and four mayoral candidates before I do, please call out BINGO, and send me an email. The Electoral Act also prohibits me from offering a prize, but you will receive my hearty congratulations or commiserations, depending on how you feel about electoral material ;-)


  1. Oh boo - I've received 1, 2(1 of) 3 and 4 but nothing else! 3 and 4 came in the same "To the Householder" envelope and luckily I didn't simply toss it in the rubbish which is what I usually do with items addressed like that. I must say I have been appalled at the grammar and spelling in several brochures too (as well as the content in some cases as well). Anyhow, what's the prize? Haaaaaa
    Ngaire Glover - Molesworth

  2. I have received 5 of the candidates flyers (and a couple more than twice!) but a notable absence is the flyer from "the journalist". I won't be able to win Bingo without it!

  3. That's interesting Megan because I live in New Norfolk town side and I have 1, 2, 3 and 4 and not the others - doesn't matter tho as I can read their comments in the ballot paper and intend to go to meet the candidates on Saturday - what a good idea that is - and I can hear from those who I don't know, never seen, should be good. Anyway, doesn't look like it will be me calling bingo.