Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where is the mayor?

THE town seems to be abuzz with scuttlebutt about the absence of the mayor from key events in the last week. A couple of our councillors attended the Federal Government's "community cabinet" at New Town on Tuesday night, but our mayor was nowhere to be seen. Given the council's fractured relationship with the Federal Government (people do get cranky when you sue them), it might have been an opportunity to mend some bridges and perhaps invite the Prime Minister to visit Willow Court.

On Saturday morning there was no mayor at the unveiling of the municipality's first "Liberty Swing", a terrific initiative of the Variety Club, New Norfolk Lions Club and the Derwent Valley Council, to provide an opportunity for children in wheelchairs to experience the fun and recreation of having a swing.

On Saturday afternoon, all candidates but one were assembled at the Lions Club to address an enthusiastic group of about 30 voters on topics relating to this month's election. The mayor had sent his apologies, as he had an extra-ordinary general meeting to attend. The organisers had extended an invitation to the mayor to call in at any time to address the voters, but by the time the event concluded at about 4pm, he had not arrived.

The organisers of a function at the Bush Inn at 3pm on Saturday are said to have been more fortunate in winning the mayor's patronage. I cannot speak to this myself, as I was at the "meet the candidates" forum.

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