Monday, February 1, 2010

Valley Vision - the facts

REGULAR readers of this blog will recall that an unknown number of anonymous posters used this site to vent their anger over recent changes at Valley Vision - in particular the decision of the two council-funded staff members to resign and take up jobs with the State Government. I felt it was important that any interested person be able to decide for themselves the council's role, and my own, in these recent events. To this end, a tabled a written report to the January council meeting, which was unanimously approved and entered into the record by all councillors at that meeting. The text of that report follows.


The purpose of this report is to advise councillors of the recommendations of a committee meeting held to discuss the Council’s future relationship with Valley Vision.

As requested, a committee consisting of Mayor Martyn Evans, Deputy Mayor Craig Farrell and Councillors Judy Bromfield, Scott Shaw and Damian Bester convened in the general manager’s office on January 7, 2010, to review Council’s relationship with Valley Vision.

The committee recommended:

•    That Council continue the lease of 2 High St for a further term to be negotiated.
•    That existing sub-leases at 2 High St be honoured.
•    That Council offer meaningful employment to the two Valley Vision staff until the conclusion of their contracts later in 2010.
•    That Council continue to fund Valley Vision to the same extent as at present (approx $26,000pa).
•    That Valley Vision staff funded by Council be relocated to the council offices.
•    That Council services such as Planning be relocated to 2 High St.
•    The Valley Vision consider rebadging itself as Valley 2020 or similar.
•    That any future EDO/CDO should be the responsibility of Council, reporting to Council.
•    That Council consider options for the effective sourcing of grant funding.

It was resolved that the general manager communicate the committee’s recommendations to the Valley Vision staff as soon as possible, to prevent any misapprehensions or misunderstandings.

Subsequently, councillors were advised on the afternoon of January 8, 2010, that the two Valley Vision staff had tendered their resignations, effective January 15.

The mayor issued a media release to the Derwent Valley Gazette, thanking the Valley Vision staff and wishing them well for the future

After tabling this report, I point out that no councillor at the committee meeting had expressed the view that Valley Vision should continue to operate in the manner in which it has done to date.

And, to quote a wise but fictitious man: "That's all I have to say about that." [Gump, F. 1994]

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