Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to work

AFTER a couple of weeks' leave it was back to work last week - with a few council obligations thrown in as well. On Monday night (February 1) I attended my first meeting of the Maydena Community Association. The council was well served on this committee by Cr Judy Bromfield for many years and it was my pleasure to be elected to take her place when she decided not to re-nominate. The Maydena body is a great example of dedicated people serving a self-help community. The association manages most of the local facilities, such as the community hall, swimming pool, tennis courts etc - and it was responsible for the development of the town's latest tourist attraction... the Railtrack Rider. Well done to this committee. I look forward to serving it as the council representative.

On Wednesday night I worked late to catch up on some paperwork, missing the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting in the process. I had thought the monthly meeting was being rolled into the special dinner function being held this week... but I was wrong. Sorry team!

Thursday night started with the monthly meeting of the Bushy Park Swimming Pool Special Committee. This is a great team of people and we had an enjoyable discussion in the shade area alongside the pool. How was the serenity? Marvellous. The outdoor environment got me to thinking about some projects I may be able to help the pool crowd with. More on that later.

An early end to the pool committee meeting enabled me to get back to New Norfolk for this month's council workshop. The first hour had seen presentations from Cheryl Rainbird on the great success of the Derwent Valley Community House, followed by Emma Wilson and her idea for a sustainability centre at Willow Court. Emma was wrapping up her talk as I arrived, but I had been fortunate enough to hear her ideas while at Maydena a few weeks back, where her parents run a local accommodation venture.

Check back later for a rundown of the rest of the workshop meeting. We covered a lot of ground - and tomorrow night we will cover even more ground when we head off to Bridgewater, Glenorchy and Kingston to look at several different roadwork projects.

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