Thursday, July 14, 2016

Waste Management Charge


Waste Management Charge - frequently asked questions 

What is the Waste Management Charge? 
The Waste Management Charge is a charge that has been introduced by the Council which applies to all rateable land under Section 93 and Section 94 of the Local Government Act 1993. The Waste Management Charge of $51.50 is in addition to charge for the wheelie bin service. 

Why has the Waste Management Charge been introduced?
The Council has considered it necessary to introduce a waste utility charge which goes some way to covering the costs involved in the disposal of waste. Previously some waste expenses were not readily identifiable, but due to the increasing cost burden it was deemed appropriate to highlight the fact. 

As a ratepayer, do I receive anything for this charge?
Yes, every rateable property will receive twelve (12) Tip Vouchers attached to their annual rates notice. To redeem a Tip Voucher it must be presented to the tollbooth operator on entry to the site. The Vouchers are valid until the 31st of July 2017.

If I don’t use the tip, why do I have to contribute towards it? 
Given that most residents may need the use of waste facilities at some time, it is considered equitable that the charge apply to all properties. Some vacant land owners and urban residents may not utilise this service, but without the contribution of every ratepayer waste services would not be able to be maintained and this would impact on the whole of the municipality. 

How many Tip Vouchers will I need when I go to the tip? 
This will depend on what you are taking to the tip. 12 vouchers entitles you to dispose of six (6) cubic metres of domestic waste. 

Will there still be free weekends? 
No, free weekends will cease on Sunday 7th of August 2016. Congestion and site management issues were recognised by the Council.

I am a tenant, can I have vouchers too? 
Vouchers are provided to the property owner (who pays the rates). Tenants wishing to enquire about Tip Vouchers should contact the managing agent or landlord.

I am a tenant and the real estate/owner of property won't give me the vouchers they received. Providing Tip Vouchers to tenants is at the discretion of property owner/agent and not something that the Council can assist with. This will need to be discussed with them. 

I am concerned with the increases this year that I will not be able to pay my rates. 
If you have concerns about paying your rates on or before the due date, you may wish to apply for a payment arrangement with the Council. Payment Arrangement application forms are available from the Council Customer Service Desk or Council’s website.

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