Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dog registration Q&A

Dog Registration 2016/17 - frequently asked questions
Why have the prices changed?
The Council reviews all fees and charges associated with Council services annually. The fees for annual dog registration is part of this review. The Council takes into consideration a number of factors including; the ongoing cost to manage animal control, the number of dogs within the municipality, animal complaints as well as improvements to service delivery. The change in pricing structure and registration classifications this year has been the result of a number of these factors. 
Why do pensioners get a 50% discount on a domestic dog only?
Council's Dog Management Policy recognises the importance of providing a financial reduction to pensioners keeping companion animals. Therefore the reduction was set by the Council when it adopted its fees and charges for 2016/2017.
Why are all pensioners not charged the same amount?
Pensioners, like most owners decide whether to sterilise their dog or not. The difference between what pensioners are charged is based on whether the dog is sterilised. This is intended to provide fairness for pensioners.
Why do pensioners receive a 50% discount on 1 domestic dog per household only?
Council's policy regarding discounts to pensioners has always been applicable to one (1) dog. This year Council has further clarified this due to requests from the public regarding previous confusion.
Why has the responsible ownership incentive been removed?
Council has revised its Dog Management policy. The removal of the financial incentive for ‘responsible dog owners’ is part of this review and the Councils recognition that all dog owners should be responsible.  A financial reduction is provided to those dogs that are registered prior to the July 31.
Why has the registration price for Purebred dogs and Greyhounds increased?
The pricing for all classifications of dogs has changed as part of the Councils review of the fees and charges for 2016/17.  
Why does the Council need the information it’s requested?
Council is currently updating its system. The information that you provide will help to reunite dogs with owners if they stray from your property. Information including the owner’s details, dog breed, microchip number and proof of sterilisation are requirements under the Dog Control Act 2000. The information that you provide to the Council is managed in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

It’s important to update your details with the Council regularly. It is also a requirement under the Dog Control Act 2000 that the Council is notified of your dog’s death, loss, removal or transfer to another municipal area with 14 days.

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