Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tip voucher value doubled


Domestic Waste Disposal Coupons

21 July 2016

A new domestic waste disposal coupon system for the Derwent Valley municipal area commenced on Monday 18 July 2016, following the distribution of the coupons to the owners of rateable properties in conjunction with with their rate notices.

“The Peppermint Hill Waste facility has been operating since the 1950s," Mayor Martyn Evans said. "We are obliged to operate the facility in accordance with the Environmental Protection Notice, a licence issued by a State Government agency. We want to ensure it can be responsibly managed into the future also,” said Mayor Evans.

The previous system of a "free weekend" each month had meant some residents were unable to receive this benefit due to employment or other commitments. There were also concerns about being able to safely manage the volumes delivered over such a concentrated period, as well as traffic management issues due to the popularity of the offer.

The new arrangement - replacing 12 "free" weekends with 12 vouchers - means the Council can move forward with greater certainty in planning for both the extension of the life of the facility and preparing for the eventual closure and rehabilitation responsibilities.

General Manager Greg Winton confirmed that the coupons could also be redeemed at the National Park Waste Transfer Station. “Regrettably, we overlooked that matter in the printing the coupons; a lesson learnt” said Mr Winton.

Mayor Evans also advised that following feedback received during the first week of operation, steps had been taken to ensure the new system was more equitable, confirming each coupon would now equate to one cubic metre of waste. The gate price is $10 per cubic metre. 12 coupons have been issued for each property.

The mayor acknowledged that whilst some property owners might not use some or all of their vouchers this year, the Council had taken the necessary long term view in structuring the new system. “Perhaps those property owners who won't use all of their allotted coupons this year could offer them to a local charity or community group. Some might also choose to barter their value,” said Mayor Evans. "Council also strongly encourages rental property owners to ensure the vouchers they receive are passed on to the tenant."

“Waste is an expensive business these days. No longer can we as a society simply bury rubbish and walk away. We are planning for our future” said Mayor Evans.

"An evaluation of neighbouring council areas shows that waste disposal in the Derwent Valley remains the among most inexpensive in the region. It is also worth noting that even with a modest increase to $10 per cubic metre for the gate price, this is still about half of the actual cost to the council."

Authorised for general media distribution by Mayor Martyn Evans, Derwent Valley Council on 21 July 2016

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