Friday, March 16, 2012

February questions

MINUTES of the council's February meeting were ratified at the March meeting last night. Here are the topics I raised during "questions without notice" at the end of the February meeting, held at the Bushy Park War Memorial Swimming Pool Hall.

Mr Mayor, do we have an answer from Southern Water in relation to the unexplained delay in the installation of water meters in the municipality?
Answer: The general manager advised that the contractors had left New Norfolk for water meter installation in Lenah Valley but he is advised they will return to finalise installations in New Norfolk by 30 June.

Mr Mayor, has the council responded to Mr Tim Morris' letter regarding the recently constructed road to the river's edge below Glenora Rd?
Answer: The deputy general manager advised that the council had received a Right to Information request from Mr Morris but had yet to respond. (The minutes do not record that I then advised the mayor I was referring to a letter Mr Morris had sent to the mayor and general manager, not his RTI request, and that the letter referred to the council constructing a road across private property without permission of the owner. This prompted the following answer which is recorded in the minutes): The general manager advised that he and the deputy general manager had met with the property owner who is more than happy with what has happened. (The minutes do not record that "what has happened" is that the council will compensate the property owner by carrying out work on his other property nearby).

Mr Mayor, will you update us on the search for the tunnel beneath Burnett St?
The mayor advised that he was finding it difficult in obtaining information and may seek the assistance from the Tasmanian University with ground penetrating radio equipment. (sic)


  1. I notice vehicular access is now restricted down this new road.Is this to remain so.I am disappointed to find an excellent spot for kayaking rendered useless.

  2. As I understand it, this access will remain a walkway with vehicular access only for service vehicles etc

  3. Thanks for the reply.Another brainless decision,who wants to drag a kayak down there and back,as far as a walkway goes-its hardly worth it.