Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Subdivision comments

LAST week's council meeting declined to approve a subdivision at Molesworth, based on concerns about the impact of additional traffic on Molesworth Rd. Here's what I had to say on the matter: "Residents of the Molesworth district have had much to say about this subdivision, and they are in one voice on the subject of the proposed access road. I am not opposed to this subdivision but I agree with the concerns of the locally affected people. In particular I am concerned about the road safety implications of the proposed access off Molesworth Rd. I have visited the site and cannot agree with the finding that this is a suitable access point. I note the photographs showing sightlines from the road's edge and make the observation that few drivers leave their cars to check for oncoming traffic.Sightlines from the driver's seat of my car were not as generous as those in the planner's report. I cannot support the recommendation as it stands, and urge that more consideration be given to the option of accessing the proposed subdivision from the Lyell Highway. If the Lyell Highway cannot cope with an access of this type, we must ask what has been achieved by the State Government's $14 million worth of alleged improvements." 

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  1. Typical Derwent Valley Council decision-no vision.No wonder the area is getting left behind.