Thursday, November 18, 2010

Positive night at the council

THERE was a strong community focus at tonight's council meeting, with some good decisions made for our the people of our municipality. We took the first steps towards formalising the Friends of Frescati and helping them reach their goal of establishing a community garden; we approved the establishment of a committee to review the "spatial plan" for the New Norfolk central business district; and we endorsed a process for the removal of the pink planter boxes in Burnett St. The meeting finished a little earlier than usual, leaving time to chat with the members of the public who attended tonight's meeting.


  1. Good News about the Friends of Frescati, is the community garden going to be near Frescati?

    LOL my fiancé was only saying yesterday how bad Burnett street road was, it looks and feels shocking. I'm glad there has been some forward movement on removing those ugly planter boxes and then hopefully re-surfacing the road.

  2. Ok -after the removal then what?
    The road is a disgrace and will no doubt encourage faster traffic after the "Hazards" are removed.
    If New Norfolk is to reach its potential,then traffic must take a back seat to pedestrian access.Why were the original plans by Jerry De Gryce not followed?- this wastage of ratepayers money and inaction must cease. I fear for the future of the Derwent Valley.