Monday, August 2, 2010

Five projects recommended for federal funds

I have been advised that the council has submitted the following proposals for consideration under the third round of the Federal Government's Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program, which closed last Friday afternoon.
Magra CWA – Upgrade entrance to the New Norfolk Swimming Pool ($15,000)
Molesworth Recreation Ground – Development of children’s playground ($6000)
Dorothy Robinson – Commemorative Wall at Arthur Square ($11,000)
Len Butterworth – Fishing rest at Glenora Road ($20,000)
Martyn Evans – Wetlands and Walking Track upgrade ($37,000)

While I am on record as being concerned about the mayor's procedure for selecting the projects to be submitted for funding, I must thank the mayor for agreeing to my proposal to seek public input, which resulted in 13 suggestions being received, in addition to the mayor's own proposal for the Wetlands and Walking Track. 

The remaining suggestions, and the general manager's comments, were as follows:
Molesworth Community Carers – Upgrade entrance on the corner of Molesworth and Collins Cap Rd (consider budget 2011/2012)
Derwent Valley Field and Game – Access road improvements (consider budget 2011/12)
New Norfolk Golf Club – Kitchen upgrade
Jessica Warren – Burnett St removal of planter boxes and sealing
Jessica Warren – High Street Mall (Burnett to Charles St)
Jessica Warren – Improve public toilets (make central toilet in town)
Jessica Warren – Improve footpaths in Pioneer Avenue (consider budget 2011/12)
Jessica Warren – Make wheelchair access to all shops
Margaret Wilson – Lyell Highway/Glebe Rd junction (consider budget 2011/12)

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