Sunday, August 8, 2010

Candidate contacts

OUR electorate of Lyons is playing practically no role in the Federal Election, despite there being many issues of concern both locally in the Derwent Valley and throughout the electorate as a whole. Who and where are our candidates? Why are they seeking election? What do they have to say?

As voters it is our right and responsibility to know what our candidates stand for, so here are their contact details as listed on the Australian Electoral Commission website. Note: Mr Noyes has provided additional contact details, while Ms Cassidy provides none.

Lucas Noyes - Secular Party of Australia
Mobile: 0418 654 773
Twitter: @lucasnoyes
Skype: lucas.noyes

Eric Hutchinson - Liberal Party
PO Box 83, Evandale 7212
Mobil:e 0447 777 251

Dick Adams MHR - Australian Labor Party
PO Box 50, Perth 7300
Phone (work): 6398 1115

Karen Cassidy - Australian Greens

Ms Cassidy does not provide any contact details via the AEC, but you can read about her campaign here:

All candidates are welcome to provide profiles for publication here as we enter the last fortnight of the campaign - a reminder that these must be authorised in accordance with the Electoral Act. A reminder also that election comments posted to this blog must include your given name, surname and locality. That's the law folks.

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