Monday, March 8, 2010

Premier was a no-show

MYSTERY surrounds the non-appearance of Premier David Bartlett at a function with Derwent Valley Councillors yesterday morning. On Friday evening, deputy mayor Craig Farrell emailed all councillors on behalf of the mayor and requested their attendance at the New Norfolk District Football Clubrooms on Sunday morning (yesterday) where Mr Bartlett would make a funding announcement for the Derwent Valley.

I was unable to attend, due to illness, but advised the mayor that I would look forward to hearing of Mr Bartlett's election commitments and if necessary "to eat humble pie" following my outburst at last week's council workshop where I said the State Government would not talk to the council while we continued to stonewall on the issue of unspent grant funding for Willow Court.

On Sunday morning, Mayor Evans, Deputy Mayor Farrell, Councillors Bromfield, Elliott and Lathey, and general manager Stephen Mackey attended the football clubrooms. Representing the State Government were David Llewellyn MHA, and an advisor - but no premier.

After a bit of a chat, Mr Llewllyn made his announcement of $50,000 funding for the Boyer Oval lights and that was that. This was welcome news - but it's hardly anything like the $27 million promised by David Bartlett to the West Coast municipality.

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