Monday, March 15, 2010

Lyons Labor candidate Nick Wright

LISTENING to hundreds of people since I started campaigning in the Derwent Valley in April 2009, I share the growing optimism that there are better times ahead. The Derwent Valley's natural beauty, history, proximity to the wilderness, agriculture and strong sense of community could combine to make the Derwent Valley a model of what can be achieved around regional Tasmania.

The rejuvenation of the Council at last year's local government elections was an important turning point: the election of a new, energetic, capable, experienced and straight talking Labor member in southern Lyons would be another step forward in supporting the Valley's potential.

Should I be elected, my focus for the Derwent Valley would be upon:
  • supporting opportunities for investment and economic development, by working with the Council and potential investors to maximise the support available from State Government, navigating planning and environmental approvals and standing up to green busy bodies who stand in the way of most of the projects proposed in regional Tasmania;
  • helping the Derwent Valley gets a fairer share of support services for disadvantaged people.  Having spent time in both communities, it is really striking that there are nowhere near the number and range of support services in New Norfolk that are provided to Bridgewater and Gagebrook - but it is also obvious that in some areas, the level of disadvantage is very similar;
  • working with the local bus operator and the Tasmanian Bus Association to build on and sustain the improvement in the region's public bus services.
I need a big vote from the Valley to secure the privilege of a seat in Parliament - so make sure you make the Wright choice on election day!

Nick Wright

* All Lyons candidates have been invited to provide a statement for publication, detailing their commitments for the Derwent Valley. Mr Wright is the first to do so.

Please note: By law, online comments relating to the State Election must include the given name, surname and locality of the writer. Anonymous comments cannot be published.

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