Friday, March 5, 2010

Lyons candidates named

SIXTEEN candidates from the three major parties will contest the five available seats in Lyons in this month's State Election. In the order in which they were named by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission today, the candidates are:

Division of Lyons
Enrolment 72,346
CASSIDY, Karen - Tasmanian Greens Party Manager - Waverley     
GRAHAM, Jackie - Health Educator - Dodges Ferry     
MORRIS, Tim - Member of Parliament - New Norfolk     
PRIOR, Sharon - Team Leader - Forcett     
STEVENS, Karl - Manager, Small Business, Councillor - Beaconsfield     

LIBERAL PARTY             
GRAY, Leigh R - Customs Broker - Brighton     
HIDDING, Rene - Member of Parliament - Youngtown     
HOWLETT, Jane - Business Development Manager - Battery Point
PLAYSTED, James  - Consultant - Sandy Bay     
SHELTON, Mark - Mayor (Meander Valley Council) / Teacher - Bracknell     

BUTLER, Heather - Member of Parliament - St Helens     
LLEWELLYN, David - Member of Parliament - Howrah     
POLLEY, Michael - Member of Parliament - Longford     
SULLIVAN, Brendan - Key Account Manager - Port Sorell     
WHITE, Rebecca - Electorate Officer - Orielton     
WRIGHT, Nick - Public Servant - West Hobart     

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