Friday, October 24, 2014

Fourth and final campaign advertisement

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IT'S a simple message this week: please vote.

As of today's mail, 3331 votes in our council election have been received by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission. This is a participation rate of 46.61% which means about half of those eligible to vote in our election have not yet done so - and I'm one of them.

As I understand it, the return rate does not include those votes which have been lodged at the Derwent Valley Council Chambers, so the tally is probably somewhat higher than suggested. We are slightly ahead of the state average, which is running at 44.29%.

Today's statewide voting tally.
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In the Derwent Valley we all have a lot to say about our council. Council elections provide the best opportunity for you to express your opinion and as the polling period draws to a close I urge you to have your say in the most powerful way. Please vote.

Voting in council elections is not compulsory but it is easy. Your ballot pack contains your voting slips, a booklet with information about each candidate and an envelope to return your vote. If you have misplaced your booklet, you can read the candidate statements here. If you have not received your ballot pack, please contact the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701 or call at the council chambers in New Norfolk on Monday.

Voting closes at 10am on Tuesday, October 28. If you miss the post on Monday, there is a ballot box at the Derwent Valley Council Chambers. I'll be posting my vote this weekend and I hope about 3000 fellow residents of the Derwent Valley municipality will be doing so as well.

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