Saturday, October 4, 2014

First campaign ad

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THANKS to everyone for their kind remarks about my first campaign advertisement in the Derwent Valley Gazette this week. As with my first campaign in 2009, I won't be littering the landscape with election signs.

I really appreciate the support of those who have offered to place a sign in their yard, but I will be sticking with press advertising, a leaflet and this blog.

Communication was one of the two big issues behind my decision to stand for council five years ago. The flow of information between council and the community could still be better, but a great improvement has made during the last few years. It is easier to obtain the documents for each council meeting than it was before; the public is asked for its input into council decisions more often than before; and a council newsletter is issued three or four times a year.

More can be done to improve council communications and you would be surprised to know how often councillors are left out of the loop too. Most councillors were given no information about the stage of the Tour of Tasmania being held between Strathgordon and New Norfolk earlier this week, despite our council being a major sponsor.

Communication will remain one of my key issues. I commit myself to continue the upkeep of this blog and my advertising in the Gazette, and I will seek to improve the distribution of the council newsletter. Communication is a two-way street, so let's hear from you too.

Please note: Following the issuing of the notice of election, readers' comments relating to the election must include the given name, surname and locality of the writer. Anonymous comments cannot be published. Comments or questions not intended for publication can be emailed to me directly.  

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