Thursday, September 25, 2014

Illabrook Dam discussions

FOLLOWING yesterday's report in the Derwent Valley Gazette about Illabrook Dam, I was contacted by the owner of the land surrounding the reservoir. He was keen to discuss the comments made by councillors at last week's council meeting, which were accurately reported in the Gazette.

The dam was built by the council many years ago and provided New Norfolk's water supply for several decades. It was taken over by the State Government prior to my election to council and is now owned by TasWater. Over the last few months there has been growing concern for the future of this asset and speculation that it was to be decommissioned or removed.

Last week's council meeting debated and approved a proposal to form a working party to investigate ways to keep the dam intact as a recreational facility if it is no longer required as a domestic water supply. It has been difficult to get a clear picture of the issues at Illabrook, so I was particularly pleased to hear from the landowner and invited him to meet with councillors. A great discussion was held tonight and there was an agreement to keep talking about the future for the dam.

It should be understood that the dam is surrounded by private property and neither I nor the council encourage anyone to trespass on that private property to access the dam.

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