Thursday, September 9, 2010

Strategic planning

EACH Thursday night for about a month, your councillors have been meeting to develop a new strategic plan. This is a legal requirement of the Local Government Act, although little legislative guidance is provided on what such plans must contain. What we are working on is actually our council's fourth strategic plan and it is intended to map the road ahead for the next five years.

In principle, our new strategic plan is going to be a "plain English" document. It will be only a few pages in length and it will include realistic, achievable goals. What I am hoping for is a plan that can be easily displayed in poster format, and that these posters will be displayed in the council chamber to provide a constant reminder of the strategy we wish to follow. I would like to see similar posters displayed in public places from time to time. My council colleagues appear to share these thoughts and we are looking forward to presenting a draft for public consultation in the near future.

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