Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friends at last

IT was my pleasure to move the motion to appoint the inaugural members of the Friends of Willow Court Special Committee at the April council meeting. I look forward to good things from this committee.

In light of the appointment of the committee and its members, I have relinquished my role in the organising of the open days at Willow Court on May 29 and 30 but have offered my assistance to the acting chairman.


  1. I was under the impression this group would be called: Willow Court and Barracks Working Group.
    The "Friends of Willow Court" group was to be an extension of this wasn't it?

  2. Hi Megan - For such a young committee, this group does seem to have a number of different names already. I've always referred to it as the Friends of Willow Court, to differentiate it from the previous (failed) committee. I've got high hopes for this new group & look forward to working with its members.