Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bushy Park pool committee's annual meeting

THE Bushy Park War Memorial Swimming Pool committee held its annual general meeting on Wednesday night and it was my pleasure to chair the meeting during the election of office-bearers. Lisa Fraser was elected president, Janice Gittus is the new secretary and Robert McCrossen continues as treasurer. I cannot speak too highly of this committee and all its members. They voluntarily provide an excellent service to their community. This summer saw more than 2000 visitors to the pool. Next summer there will be a campaign to encourage more people to take advantage of the generous savings available by taking out a season pass.

Retiring president Janice Gittus reported on the great progress made at the pool since over the last year. A Federal Government $20,000 grant was received for the complete upgrading of the change-rooms. This included swapping over the male and female rooms; new toilets; an outdoor shower; new roofing; repainted floors; and new footpaths leading to the change-rooms. The pool itself was repainted; a new pump was installed; and a new lawnmower was purchased.

The pool filter was completely overhauled, involving the replacement of two tonnes of sand. The operators of the Maydena swimming pool generously donated $400 worth of new sand for the filter. Mrs Gittus thanked everyone involved in these projects.

This season also saw caretaker/lifeguard Brian Gittus conduct a bronze medallion courses and learn-to-swim lessons. Westerway, Glenora, Maydena and Ouse schools also used the pool this season.

About 40 people attended this year's Anzac Day service at the swimming pool hall. A highlight was the presentation of a framed print of the Menin Gate to hang in the hall, which was gratefully received. Janice Gittus obtained some information about the Menin Gate which will be laminated and hung alongside the picture.

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