Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You are warmly invited...

THE monthly Derwent Valley Council meeting will be held this Thursday (January 21) at 6.30pm in the New Norfolk Courthouse. The meeting is open to the public and I look forward to seeing you there. At the start of each monthly meeting there is time for members of the public to ask questions of the council and I encourage everyone to take up this opportunity. If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to send me an email at keepdamohonest@gmail.com


  1. Hope its not as bads as fist one.

  2. G'day Anonymous. Could you be more specific about your problems with the meeting you refer to?

  3. The first meeting was disgusting. The conduct of cr. bester and a minority of the public. Cr. Bester was aggressive and rude. Mr. Shoobridge was out of line in the public gallery too. Cr. Bester hounded Cr. lathey, when discussing the willow court working group. Talked down to him agressively. He talked down to other councillors as well. Some councillors now fill that they can not speak out, because of cr. bester. And some fill that they can not work as team and will not 'put-up' again as a councillor, because of cr. bester.

    There was also no consideration in-regards to the workload of council staff and funding when making the motions on notice at the meeting.

    Cr. Bester's conduct was out of line with DVC councillor conduct, which is consistent with the local government act. Mr shoobridge was alos out of line with the local government act. I sure hope that cr. bester's attitude improves. Or he will be continued to be hated. And our council will continue to not work with him.


  4. Cr. Bester stop being a bully. Stop being sarcastic, agressive and rude. Does being bully make you feel more a man? All high and mighty?


  5. Hi Bob. I disagree with your comment but I defend your right to state your opinion.

    These are serious allegations that you have raised and I urge you to make a formal complaint under the Councillor Code of Conduct. This can be done by emailing the mayor at executiveassistant@dvc.tas.gov.au

    The mayor will then ask for an inquiry to be undertaken, which will involve the independent chairman of the Code of Conduct Panel and one councillor delegate. They will investigate the matter and take evidence from you and any other relevant person. Penalties for breaching the Code of Conduct are prescribed by the Act.

    Yours sincerely,

  6. 'Bob' has obviously not been to too many council meetings to make the above unsupported comments or has some hidden agenda. Sure the meeting was long as there was a lot on the agenda but Councillor Bester was neither aggressive, rude nor derogatory to anyone. Myself, partner and several friends were in attendance and although I agree that one public questioner may have gone a little overboard, I would defend his right to say his piece - the council could have chosen to remove him if they thought it was necessary, but the mayor settled him down. Bob, you may hate (how sick are you) but I can assure you no-one else in this town does, in fact there is more support for this council now than there has ever been - talk to the people. And as far as you speaking on behalf of other councillors, I think you will find that some have lifted their game to reflect a more vocal and vibrant team - perhaps the one or two you may have spoken to, who (fill?) I assume you mean feel, are confident enough to stand up and speak for themselves and not have you make claims on their behalf. I don't believe you have spoken to any more than perhaps 1 councillor if any. I suggest you come clean 'Bob'
    M and friends

  7. damian this is a joke i wish i did not give you my vote.Lets hope they get you out it would be a much better council. (offensive remark to "M and friends" removed - Ed)