Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Staff quit Valley Vision


Derwent Valley Council

January 11, 2010

Derwent Valley Mayor Martyn Evans today thanked Ian Brown and Katrina Higgins for their efforts over the years working as project manager and project administrator of Valley Vision.

"Mr Brown and Mrs Higgins resigned from their positions following Council's decision to take direct control of the Willow Court precinct, which accounted for the majority of their workload, and the understanding that current employment contracts would end during 2010."

"Valley Vision was originally set up as a means for the community to have greater input into the development and progress of the region" Mayor Evans said, "but now with a new Council and a motion passed at the November 2009 for Council to take control of the area the role of Valley Vision has changed."

"Valley Vision can be proud of its achievement in developing the Spatial Plan with the installation of the roundabout in High Street and the wonderful job in developing TYGA FM community radio" The Mayor stated.

"It is envisaged that Council will take an active role in community development and work with all organisations in the Valley to ensure that the future development of the Valley is well planned and practical."

"The original ideas behind Valley Vision will be retained but updated to better fit with the Derwent Valley area as it is today and this will ensure that Council and the community will work together for the best outcome" said the Mayor. "I believe that Ian and Katrina have other employment and I wish them both well in the future."


  1. An injustice has been done.
    People involved in Valley Vision are fully aware why Ian and Katrina have resigned. I wish them both well. You will both be sadly missed.

  2. Katrina and Ian have done a wonderful job! I totally agree with the person above. They deserve to be acknowledged for all their hard work and don't deserve the criticism they have had to endure by some.

  3. It would be nice to read here a list of what Valley Vision has achieved? Along with that list, can we see the total cost of Valley Vision to the rate payers. It would be good to get the big picture ie. value for money on this organisations efforts.