Monday, December 28, 2009

Midlands continues to show us how to do it

TOWNS through the midlands continue to show us how we could do things better in the Derwent Valley. Campbell Town is going ahead in leaps and bounds, with a new cafe/fish bar opening there recently. Creatively named "Hooked" (pictured) the new business is in a converted garage. The coffee is great (far better than the bakery chain over the road) and a small portion of chips will keep you fortified for the rest of the journey.

Rightly or wrongly, Campbell Town is famous for having the best public toilets in Tasmania. Now there's a challenge - why can't New Norfolk have the best in Tasmania (or at least the best on the Lyell Highway). The flash flushers have been credited with creating a tourist boom in Campbell Town. Business people know that the biggest problem for Norfolk's CBD is its location, off the highway. If it takes a top-notch set of loos to bring visitors up the hill into town, let's build them.

Another great innovation on the Midland Highway is the burgeoning spread of steel cut-outs of bushrangers, convicts and more. Without blatantly copying the idea, surely the Lyell Highway could have something similar? After all, it's the oldest highway in Tasmania, dating to 1818 and built by an ex-convict. There's a plaque commemmorating this fact along the route, but it hardly jumps out at you.

Well, that's Damo's thought for the day. What do you reckon? Why not leave some feedback below, or email


  1. Am very interested in your comments re public toilets, especially their availability, cleanliness and so on. New Norfolk township is not well renowned for such unfortunately, despite council's workforce attempts to keep clean and tidy. However, not having toilets highly visible is a problem as well as not being located in the area of the greatest number of people - large supermarket area is major example. Should any new major development take place, for example the mooted new supermarket/hardware store/whatever, then it is essential that highly visible well maintained public toilets be a condition of the approval to proceed.

  2. I do strongly agree that the need for public toilets in the township be a necessity for townsfolk and tourists combined.
    Just how embarrassing can it be for visitors to the area, to use the facilities at the local hotels, not knowing where else to go...
    Come on, councilors, do something decent for the town!!!