Monday, September 14, 2015

Message for Bushy Park/Glenora community

A message from the Mayor and
Councillors of the
Derwent Valley Council

Drinking water service for Bushy Park and Glenora

What is being offered?
TasWater is offering to supply a drinking water service to Bushy Park and Glenora.

Why won’t this offer be available in another few years?

This opportunity is only available due to the need to upgrade the water supply service at Gretna. The treatment plant at Gretna can be built to cater for just Gretna – or if there is enough local support for Bushy Park and Glenora also. Without strong support demonstrated now, TasWater will not consider improving existing water and sewerage services for many years. You would have to organise for your own water supply (and not be able to rely on existing arrangements).

What about Hop Products Australia’s (HPA) existing supply?
HPA no longer wishes to supply this water for domestic purposes as it is untreated and subject to runoff from agricultural catchments which greatly impacts water quality. As a Council, beyond 2016, we will no longer pay for maintenance of the pumps which HPA manages on behalf of the community, for the supply of water to households in Bushy Park and Glenora.

What benefits are there for connecting to a TasWater supply?
  • Access to safe, clean drinking water which meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
  • More reliability as TasWater will be responsible for providing water and maintaining infrastructure.
  • Water for firefighting with the installation of fire hydrants.

What will it take for it to go ahead?
The Council has committed to contribute $500,000 towards the cost of the project if it goes ahead. This will reduce your cost of connecting. TasWater will proceed with the project if there is around 80% community support.

What are the costs involved if the project proceeds?
By saying "yes" you are only supporting a supply of water to the area. It does not mean you have to connect to the supply if you support the project and it goes ahead. If you choose to connect, TasWater have said the 2016/2017 costs will be:
  • A service charge of $329.48 per year for every property in the serviced land area (regardless of whether connected).
  • Connection costs - $2,083.50 for a standard residential connection (20mm water pipe) to connect to the system.
  • For those connecting the water charge will be based on the amount of water you use. This is presently $0.9954 per 1000 litres.
  • Internal plumbing works and Council permits.

Do I have to connect straight away?
No, you don’t. But once the system is built and operating, you will have to pay a service charge regardless. This charge covers costs for providing maintaining upgrading plants, dams, reservoirs, pipelines and pump stations. This charge is $329.48 for 2016/2017.

I’m worried I can’t afford the TasWater connection costs
If you wish to connect to a TasWater supply the payment would not be due until the project is under way – about 12-18 months away. If a payment plan was available would this encourage you to connect – provide this information to TasWater as feedback If the project doesn’t go ahead you will need to purchase and install your own rainwater tanks along with the additional plumbing and be reliant on rainfall or purchasing your own water.

How do I record my vote?
Phone surveys will commence in September by a market research company called ORC. If the researcher is unable to contact people via phone, they will be surveyed with a letter. The feedback TasWater receives from these phone surveys will determine whether there is around 80 per cent support for the project.

My phone number is a mobile number, how will the market research company contact me?
Every effort will be made to contact you. However, if you have an unlisted phone number, you are encouraged to contact Miriam Rule, Community Engagement Officer at TasWater, to record your details. Call 6237 8852 or email

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  1. Further to the above, I'm advised that the cost of a council plumbing permit is $170.