Friday, November 21, 2014

Appointment to committees

IT'S been said that laws are like sausages - it's better not to see them being made - and the same could apply to the biennial appointment of councillors to committees. This lengthy process was carried out at the new-look Derwent Valley Council's first meeting last night and it's fair to say some in the full public gallery grew restless as the lengthy list of committees, statutory bodies and associations was worked through.

I have been appointed or reappointed as the council representative or proxy on the following:
  • New Norfolk Historical Information Centre Special Committee
  • Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team Special Committee (proxy to Cr Triffett)
  • Bushy Park Swimming Pool Special Committee
  • Environmental Management Special Committee
  • Friends of Frescati Special Committee
  • Willow Court Conservation Special Committee
  • William Hazlewood Reserve Special Committee (Magra)
  • Derwent Valley Visitor Information Centre (proxy to Cr Graham)

I'm also pleased to have been reappointed to the following:
  • Plenty Link Rd working group (along with Cr Lathey, Cr Shaw and Cr Belcher)
  • Council website working group: (additional members to be appointed)
  • Industrial/Medicinal Hemp working group (along with Cr Graham, Cr Evans and Cr Shaw)
  • Land Sale Committee (along with Cr Triffett, Cr Graham and Cr Pearce)
  • Maydena Community Association
  • Community Grants Committee (along with Cr Lathey, Cr Belcher, Cr Shaw and Cr Triffett)
  • Code of Conduct Panel (along with Cr Pearce and Cr Belcher. One councillor is selected to assist with independent chairman as required.)

*Subject to confirmation of the minutes next month.
** No offence intended to the purveyors of fine locally-made sausages..

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