Thursday, August 21, 2014

Four more years?

My first term as a councillor is nearing its end. Council elections are about two months away and I have this week announced my intention to nominate for re-election and to offer myself to continue as your representative on council. My advertisement published in yesterday's issue of the Derwent Valley Gazette appears below.

There were several prospective election candidates in the public gallery at tonight's council meeting but none raised any issues during public question time, which was disappointing. I really encourage any intending candidates to come along to the last few meetings prior to the October election, to become familiar with the way council meetings are conducted and hopefully put some questions to the council. Not everyone would agree, but I love it when some curly questions are lobbed in from the public gallery. You do need to lodge your questions with the general manager 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Some very useful information is also available in the Tasmanian Electoral Commission's candidate handbook which can be downloaded from here.

Good luck to all intending candidates.

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