Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Notices of meetings coming up

Notice of Special Council Meeting - 10 April 2014

A Special Meeting of the Derwent Valley Council will be held at 6.30pm on Thursday, April 10, at the Court House, Circle St, New Norfolk, to consider referring the new planning scheme to the Minister for Planning for approval. The public is invited to attend and the agenda is available at the council office, Circle St, New Norfolk, or downloaded from here

Notice of Council Meeting - 17 April 2014

The monthly council meeting will be held at the Court House, Circle St, New Norfolk on Thursday, April 17 at 6.30pm. Please join us - and if you would like any assistance or information about the meeting, please do get in touch. The meeting agenda will be available online from Friday afternoon. Printed copies are available at the council chambers and will be available at the meeting.

The council meeting schedule for the rest of the year is:
  • 17 April 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm
    15 May 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm
    19 June 2014 Granton (community forum at 6.30pm)
    17 July 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm
    21 August 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm
    18 September 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm
    16 October 2014 Bushy Park 7pm (community forum at 6.30pm)
    20 November 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm
    15 December 2014 New Norfolk 6.30pm (including AGM)


Notice of Council Workshop - 1 May 2014

A council workshop will be held at the Court House, Circle St, New Norfolk, on Thursday, May 1, at 6.30pm. The format is an open session with the general public for the first half hour. The remainder of the workshop is closed to the public. This is an informal workshop of council and no agenda is provided. 

I apologise if you were unable to find the last workshop last week. It was moved at the last minute due to a decision of the mayor to bring live snakes into the meeting and the courthouse was deemed unsuitable. Yes, you did read that correctly.

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