Thursday, March 13, 2014

Palmer United Party position on Willow Court

I THANK Palmer United Party state leader Kevin Morgan for the following position statement on Willow Court.
"Built Heritage is seen by our party as one of the keys to the future of Tourism in Tasmania. Our rich history in buildings is vital to the future of destination branding and marketing.
"The Palmer United Party have shown an immediate commitment to lifting tourism numbers in the State by announcing our Bass Strait policy which will place a new low cost fast ferry operation on Bass Strait as soon as possible after the election.
"This service will be increased as soon as it is shown to be suitable, with the addition of two new ferries for the crossing. These ferries will by way of being a low cost fast efficient ferry service lift the traffic flow across Bass Strait significantly. The commitment to Tourism means we are also looking at destination marketing and destination projects to create the future for regional Tourism.
"The project of Willow Court is one that is part of the Derwent Valley region's keys to the regional development of the tourism brand for Tasmania. Our party fully supports your [council's] vision and ideas for the Willow Court project. The Derwent Valley Heritage Rail project is another key link in the chain of tourism and the river ferry from Hobart is another key that you already have in place, we see heritage rail as another key to the future of Tourism.
"Likewise your project of the Plenty Rd linking your region to the Huon is another vital cog in building a user friendly approach for business and tourism. Taking the load off the central business district of Hobart with Davey and Macquarie St traffic will assist in the alleviation of transport issues as well.
"...Once we understand the state's financial position we will show commitment to all Tasmania’s regions and look at how we can assist in the future of the development of your lovely valley."

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