Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Willow Court works update

Councillors have today been provided with the following update on the progress of works at Willow Court. Thanks to project officer Brett Noble for this information.

Willow Court works update

As many would have noticed, there is currently considerably activity at The Barracks.

Over the last couple of weeks, all the windows facing into The Barracks courtyard have been restored to working order.  The windows retain all the marks of their 180 years of life – patches, different paint layers, repairs, and breaks - but are now in working order.  Some very intriguing metal work, hand stamped with the ‘convict arrow’, was uncovered during this work.  The ‘convict arrow’ was also found on many of the window frames.

Work has also begun on a couple of the original doors, as a test of what this work will entail.

In addition, specialist renderers have been working on the verandah plinth, removing cement render and bits of loose render, ahead of applying a poultice.  The poultice will be on for a few weeks, to draw out the moisture and salts that had been trapped in the masonry, before a new lime render is applied.  Part of this work involved the removal of some of the brick pavers that were hard against the verandah plinth, and a little excavation along the face of the plinth.  This work has shown that along the southern side of the building the original ground level was much lower that at present.

Behind the scenes, the head contractor requests for tenders is nearing completion, which should see the selection of a head contractor in the next week.  As you will recall, part of the selection criteria for this work is the involvement of local sub-contractors.

Brett Noble
Senior Project Manager (Willow Court Project)

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