Sunday, January 13, 2013

November questions

THESE are the questions without notice I asked at the November council meeting, and the answers received.

Mr Mayor, I read in the Mercury last week that this council was supporting a local student selected to travel to Los Angeles. In what way is the student (Miss Elyse Barnes) being supported?
The mayor said he was not aware.

Mr Mayor, with my agenda papers I received a letter requesting that the council consider supporting young opera singer Bryony Dwyer with the cost of her fundraising concert supporting her internship with the Vienna State Opera. Why was this not on the agenda for discussion at tonight's meeting?
The mayor said the council had donated $100 and he would be supporting the cause by attending the concert.

Mr Mayor, what answer have you received regarding the maintenance of the historic watch house at Granton?
The mayor said no answer had been received.

Mr Mayor, what update do you have on your search for tunnels beneath Willow Court?
The mayor said a little bit of work had been done and he was endeavouring to prove Cr Bester wrong.

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