Sunday, December 9, 2012

October questions

THESE are the questions without notice I asked at the October council meeting held at Granton, and the answers received.

Mr Mayor, can we start community forums at a later time, such as 6.30pm, to encourage greater public participation?
The mayor took the question on notice.

Mr Mayor, will you make inquiries of the relevant authorities regarding the future of the historic Watch House at Granton and its ongoing maintenance?
The mayor advised that he would pursue the matter.

Mr Mayor, can you update us on the search for tunnels beneath Willow Court?
The mayor advised that the Hon. David Llewellyn had been researching the matter in the state archives and had found historical references to the tunnel dating to 1834. The mayor said he would liaise with the new licensee of the Bush Inn Hotel and a member of the public who had seen the tunnel beneath the hotel.

Mr Mayor, what decisions were made about fencing at last week's meeting of the Willow Court Conservation Special Committee?
The mayor advised that he would answer the question in closed committee.

Mr Mayor, why has nothing been done to acknowledge our four local Olympians in the two months since their return home?
The mayor advised that he had invited one of the Olympians to participate in the recent Rally for Respect but they were unable to attend.

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