Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet the candidates

LOCAL government voters across the state will receive their postal ballot packs in the mail this week. The first batch weas delivered today and the remaining packs will be delivered over the next two days. Electors who have not received their postal pack by Friday and believe they are entitled to a local government vote should call 1800 801 701. Completed ballot papers must be received by 10am on Tuesday, October 25.

In addition to voting papers for the election of five councillors and the mayor and deputy mayor, each ballot pack contains a brochure with a statement by each candidate. They are republished below in alphabetical order:

BINGLEY Phil: I have lived in New Norfolk for over 30 years and am passionate about New Norfolk and the Derwent Valley – it is a great place to live, work, and invest in, and a magnificent area to visit. I want to bring "green" values to council - green values that respect our natural, man-made and heritage environments. I will advocate for a "rates strategy" which ensures future rate changes never repeat this year's 10 to 20 per cent increases that some ratepayers suffered because of government revaluations. I will never vote for any annual budget or rate increases unless a thorough annual review has been undertaken of all discretionary council spending. I will strongly advocate for a long overdue "economic development plan" that will support and promote valley businesses, industries and jobs and a "financial management plan" aimed at reducing council's growing loan obligations. 

BROMFIELD Judy: Being a councillor means working as part of a team for the community and particularly to make a difference. In my years as a councillor I’ve seen many changes in the Derwent Valley and I have been part of many of those changes. Some of those areas include the Tynwald Park bike track, the Maydena upgrade and tourist adventure hub, introducing ratepayers’ question time, ratepayers’ input to the budget and community grants. These all help to make a difference to a community. The Derwent Valley is an amazing place with huge potential and when we work together we can achieve almost anything. We are a strong community with strong ties that hold us together. Let me work with you and for you to build our community even further. Please Vote 1 Judy Bromfield for councillor. Thank you.

COWLEY Dane: I was raised and still live in the Derwent Valley. I am actively involved in several community organisations including the Derwent Valley Online Access Centre and Salvation Army. As a father of two young children, I want to ensure that decisions and actions that the Derwent Valley Council takes now, will lead to a better future. If elected I will work to ensure that council is accountable, engaged and working to build a vibrant community, increase employment opportunities and foster environmental responsibility. I believe ratepayers are entitled to expect council to manage its budget effectively in order to provide excellent community facilities and services. If elected, I will pursue opportunities including making the most of the Willow Court site and also improving community health through promotion of sport, fitness and healthy eating. To achieve these goals I need your support. Please consider Voting 1 for Dane Cowley.

EVANS Martyn John: After serving on council since 2007, I am again seeking your support for re-election, to be able to represent our valley as councillor and mayor. Over this period of time my role within our valley has been of a proactive nature, being involved with many community committees including sporting groups, schools and not for profit organisations. The community and council together have achieved many outcomes such as the 2010 Tidy Town of the Year Award which included wins in the Young Legends and Heritage and Culture categories. The success of our Autumn Festival, Lachlan Festival, Rail Track Riders, Maydena streetscape, adventure hub, Tynwald Park, High Street redevelopment, Esplanade and community grants program. I am pleased to see the progress of the Willow Court and Barracks Working Group and the formation of Friends of Frascati and the Spatial Planning Committees. Please Vote 1 for councillor and mayor. Your vote counts.

LESTER Chris: I have a strong connection with the Derwent Valley, having grown up here and many of my family still live and work here. My wife and I returned with our two daughters 12 years ago and for the past eight years I have managed the Derwent Valley Sports Centre. We need better facilities to promote active and healthy lifestyles for our young people and we need jobs for their future. I’ve listened to residents. Overwhelmingly they tell me the important issues affecting our community are the need for– A 24 hour police presence – Better roads – A positive future for Willow Court. In addition much more needs to be done to promote tourism in the valley to attract investment and create jobs. To achieve this we need a decisive and forward-looking council that puts its residents first. Please give me your number 1 vote for a strong voice on council.

McDIARMID Mark: I have lived and worked in the Derwent Valley for eight years and would say that I am part of the community in the valley. I am proud to say this as I believe in the people there, who they are and what they may wish to achieve in life. I believe in good public sector government and the benefits this should bring to all persons as their right. As a former police officer I wish for a safe and peaceful community maintained by sustainable economic growth based on education. This is what I would like to bring to the Derwent Valley as my councillor’s role.

NICHOLSON Tony: I have been approached to seek your support to be re-elected to council. Now retired from the state government service after 37 years I am able to offer administrative experience, understanding and availability to ratepayers of our community. Working together to promote the valley’s potential for tourism and increased agriculture will create opportunities for business and jobs for our young people to stay and build a sustainable future. The valley’s lifestyle has been embraced by many newcomers who are contributing to our community well being with new ideas and belief in our future. Our council must reflect this enthusiasm through good management and decision making. Decisions once made should be carried out and not delayed and debated again at a later stage. If elected my focus will be to ensure the provision of good service delivery to all ratepayers. Please Vote 1 for councillor and 1 for mayor.

ROLFE Simon: Having lived in the valley for the past 10 years I feel ready to offer myself as a candidate for local government elections. My partner Cathie and I have lived in the rural areas of the municipality and now reside in the heart of New Norfolk. I run a small computer and local history business in the valley and I see the need for improved public services as I travel around the municipality. There is the need for real planning to ensure that the residents of our community have the best opportunities possible whilst maintaining our unique local heritage. We need to plan ahead and help develop local businesses so that our children have the employment opportunities of the future available to them. We need to develop pathways for locals to be able to access the education and jobs necessary to strengthen our community. Please Vote 1 Simon Rolfe.

SHOOBRIDGE Wayne: I have lived in the Derwent Valley for the past 14 years and can see what the Derwent Valley could become. Everyone I speak to, feels the same that the opportunities are enormous. The council is still, to some degree, a closed entity for information, it’s my belief that this needs to change. We have right to know what is going on and to voice our opinions without prejudice. Our roads and infrastructure must be the number one agenda for the new council and I will put this to the forefront of council’s thinking. It has become obvious to all that live in the valley that our roads are crumbling before our eyes. Also we need to get our police station open 24 hours a day. This will be a big ask, but it is one that needs to be achieved. I will be your voice on council.

Please note: Following the issuing of the notice of election, comments relating to the election must include the given name, surname and locality of the writer. Anonymous comments cannot be published.  

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  1. I wonder what more damage "Greens values" would have on our valley? Actually, I wonder what values Greens have? Back in the day, there were thriving communities all the way from New Norfolk to Strathgordon, and right out to Tarraleah and Tungatinah. The 'Greens values' were instrumental in bringing an end to our hydro villages that created wealth, employment, prosperity and community. And what a great result - my last power bill was over $700! Since then they have been actively campaigning to shut down another iconic industry that our state, and our valley was built on - our forestry industry. With such a high economic dependency on our timber industry, our valley is in grave danger as the effects of the downturn begin to reach the small businesses who survive because of wages and business generated from the timber industry. Take away the work, the people leave and the towns disappear (look at Strath, Tarra & Tunga)... and then they use it against us even more and want to shut down our schools! GREAT 'Green values'. The Greener it gets, the blacker it looks....

    Kelly Wilton
    Bushy Park