Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Candidate statement - Simon Rolfe

Simon Rolfe
COUNCIL election candidate Simon Rolfe has sent me the following statement for publication. Other candidates seeking election in our municipality are welcome to do the same.

"Having lived in the Derwent Valley for the past 10 years I feel ready to offer myself as a candidate for Local Government Elections. My partner Cathie and I have lived in the rural areas of the municipality and now reside in the heart of New Norfolk. I run a small computer and local history business in the Valley and I see the need for improved public services as I travel around the municipality. There is the need for real planning to ensure that the residents of our community have the best opportunities possible whilst maintaining our unique local heritage. We need to plan ahead and help develop local businesses so that our children have the employment opportunities of the future available to them. We need to develop pathways for locals to be able to access the education and jobs necessary to strengthen our community.  Simon Rolfe."

All Derwent Valley Council election candidates are invited to send me their details for publication on this website. Profiles, policy statements and photographs are welcome. Email: damianbester@gmail.com

Please note: Following the issuing of the notice of election, comments relating to the election must include the given name, surname and locality of the writer. Anonymous comments cannot be published. 

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