Monday, June 27, 2011

Glenora protest tomorrow



Monday 27th June 2011

The Derwent Valley community is up in arms about the possible closure of Grades 7–10 at Glenora District High School.

“Our community won’t take this lying down," Mayor Martyn Evans said.

“That’s why our community from Maydena to Granton is banding together to stop this.

“The community will be holding a protest at Glenora District High on Tuesday 28th June at 12.00, everyone is welcome to attend.  After the protest there will be a community forum where everyone can have a say.

“Children will have to travel long distances on icy and wet roads just to get to school.

“But this isn’t only about people with children at the school; it will affect our whole community, from the local businesses to the price of homes in the area – who wants to move to a place where their kids can’t go to school?” Mayor Martyn Evans said.

The State Government has flagged the changes at Glenora District High School as part of a cost saving measure in the budget.  One of the claims being made by the Government is that the area has a shrinking population and that closing the high school part of the school will have significant cost savings.

“The State Government has said that they want to save money, but they haven’t thought of the cost to our community, and they haven’t counted on the spirit we have here in the Derwent Valley.

“This is a short-term fix to a financial problem that the Government has known about for a long time. 

“Derwent Valley Council is a fast growing area, with several large new subdivisions approved in the last year or so, closing the High School at Glenora will cause huge problems in the future.

“Council has worked hard to turn the Valley around after losing services in the past and seeing some business scale back, things are looking up now and we are attracting new investments. 

“If the State Government gets its way, it may as well hang a banner across the Derwent Valley saying ‘Closed for Business’.

“I’m urging everyone who can, to come out and support our community and our future and attend the protest and forum on Tuesday 28th June, starting at 12.00,” Martyn Evans said.

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