Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thinking outside the burger box

The proposed New Norfolk McDonald's

A similar Australian McDonald's

MANY McDonald's restaurants around Australia look fairly similar, built to a standard design, but it doesn't have to be that way.

At certain locations in Australia and around the world, developers come up with a design that suits local needs, circumstances and surroundings. In some places, McDonald's restaurants are fitted into existing buildings - there are even examples in medieval buildings in Europe.

In other places, McDonald's builds brand new restaurants that have been designed with their local surroundings in mind, and this was my hope for New Norfolk.

The developer behind the New Norfolk McDonald's proposal has exercised his right to appeal the Derwent Valley Council's requirement that he "work with the council and community to design a building that is appropriate to the site, taking into account the neighbouring heritage areas." I'm told by the council's general manager that the developer is prepared to discuss colours and materials, but not the design of the building.

Below are some examples of McDonald's restaurants around the world that have been built to unique designs that suit their surroundings. This remains my hope for New Norfolk's McDonald's.

I don't suggest that any of these would suit the New Norfolk site - they are merely an indication of what developers have been prepared to do in other locations.

North Carolina, USA

Yellowstone, USA

New York

Arizona, US (with Green Arches)


Napier, New Zealand (art deco city)


  1. Hi Damian, are you aware that Humana are also appealing condition 4 of the approval.
    They want to change " prior to development commencing Certificates of Title 20779/1 and 26181/1 are to be adhered" to
    "prior to USAGE commencing Certificates of Title 20779/1 and 26181/1 are to be adhered"
    Not sure of the implications of this as yet.

  2. Thanks for this information.
    At present, the council has no procedure to inform councillors about the existence, progress or outcomes of planning appeals without one of us putting specific questions to the general manager.
    This is unsatisfactory and both Cr James Graham and I raised the issue at last week's council meeting. Cr Graham suggested that an "appeals" section could be incorporated into the existing monthly planning report, whereas I would prefer to see a specific report in our monthly agendas. As it stands, any information would be an improvement.
    In the meantime, all information and feedback from the community is gratefully received.

  3. Hello Damian, it appears that GHD and Humana don't like your condition at all. They have now lodged another appeal, this time under section 59.
    "The failure of the Planning Authority (DVC) to determine the application within the period applicable under the LUPA Act(S59(3))"

    "That condition three (3) to the permit ....... has the effect of significanlty altering the nature of the application from that which was submitted by the applicant to the Council, such that the approval of the Council is significantly different to that applied for, meaning that the Council has failed to determine the application"

    Interesting times indeed.