Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a start

I HAVE tabled 16 "motions on notice" for this week's council meeting. All relate to my stated objectives of bringing openness, accountability and transparency to the council. I welcome any comments and will report back on my success or otherwise. I have emailed the full list to all councillors (with the exception of Cr Lathey who does not have email) and invited their comments too. Only Cr Elliott has responded so far, and while he does not agree with all of my motions, his comments were thoughtful and considered.

1. That the detail of Public Questions, and the answer given, be recorded in the minutes of that council meeting.

2. That the answers to Public Questions taken on notice be recorded in the minutes of the subsequent council meeting.

3. That the detail of councillor Questions Without Notice, and the answer given, be recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

4. That all attachments referred to in council agendas be made available online with the agenda prior to the meeting.

5. That the minutes of all council committees and Special Committees be made available online.

6. That the monthly financial reports be made available online.

7. That the council allocate the necessary staffing resources for the redevelopment and frequent updating of the council website.

8. That the salary range of all staff earning a package in excess of $75,000 be listed in the annual report.

9. That council no longer avail itself of the services of Mr James Crotty.

10. That council advertise all workshops and open them to the public.

11. That all correspondence addressed to "the mayor and councillors" be opened, duplicated and forwarded to all councillors.

12. That all mail addressed to the mayor, deputy mayor or individual councillors be forwarded to the named addressee, unopened, and that each councillor keep a record of such mail received.

13. That a review be conducted of the process followed in the recent review of the general manager's performance.

14. That a special meeting be held to conduct a line-by-line analysis of the Royal Derwent Hospital Development Reserve financial report and that the general manager, accountant, Valley Vision project officer and Valley Vision chairman be requested to attend and prepared to answer questions about the contents of the report.

15. That council resume direct authority for Willow Court and its redevelopment and that the project officer provide a written update at each monthly council meeting, in open session.

16. That council develops a plan to open Willow Court to visitors as soon as possible.

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  1. Sounds good ! thats what I would define as a transparent outlook!! Well Done!